15 09 2006

Three Stories related to Disc Duplication….Nothing Good

Here we go, just another day with updates on the same things I reported before, this time however, we get feeds from a National wire service.

Samsung to Fix Blue-Ray Image Problem…….
This should not surprise to many people, but lets also read the entire article. Associated Press and Sound & Vision note problems with Toshiba’s as well…….

Consumers Not Impressed With DVD Formats……
Gee what a concept, like that was NOT to be expected. How many times can you go to market with a bad product and customers stay loyal with your product line……

Major CD, DVD Pirate Outfit Uncovered ………
Why do I get the feeling the same PR firm that reports the “War on Drugs” is running the campaign with bootlegged Pirates…..

The first two stories relates the “Rush to Market” concept. What is annoying, this seems to be the standard using the consumer market as your test base. As long as there’s a percentage of people that “have to be the first”. This trend will continue. Consumers need to wake up too the power they inherently have – don’t buy. We need to start demanding better results from first issue product lines. These demands are put on most companies competing in markets around the world. Except when we get into MEGA conglomerates. I would really like to know if someone from a major Movie House, who just released their titles on Blu-Ray, is taking Samsung behind the wood shed and bending someone’s ear. Sony – wants all the credit of establishing the format. How about taking responsibility in ensuring a clear market entrance.

Pirates – why even give weight to the subject. They bought the burners from where? They purchased the media discs from where? They got the packaging from where? And not one of them raised a eyebrow to this clients activity.

Just the other day, we were approached by someone who wanted 5,000 copies, paying cash for a quick-turn. Once we seen the “Copy-Protected” material we back away. We thought the proper thing to do is report this, we have to police our own market. However, report it too who? They have to sell the item before it becomes a crime. If anyone knows of an agency that wants to set-up a “Sting” operation to head off this kind of activity, by all means contact us.

This will all become secondary soon, we’ll just download from the internet. Plenty of 3rd world servers out there beyond the reach. The same guys that post ads in Job Boards about Financial people needed to process money transactions and no-one checks that either.




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