7 09 2006
Toshiba Fires the first shot………….

Well, it didn’t take long. IFA 2006 Berlin Germany, Toshiba Rep – Blu-Ray will warp and scratch the len hence rendering the system.

Now I want you to follow the link to this interview an take a step back for minute before you draw any conclusions. Read it twice or 3 times if you have too. Take a deep breath, exhale. Now if your first thought was a fish following a lure being pulled toward a boat, I use the word follow………..


I paid particular attention to the question: Blu-Ray 25 GB – HD DVD 15GB. Did you feel the song and dance routine brake out with chorus line “Double-Layed, Double Sided” just adding a high note to the close. Warping the disc, because of heat. Another words the same situation we had in the days of 45’s, has not changed. The current situation of proper air-flow, fan with your system has not changed. Were just able to put more in the same brown bag. Like thats news….
What makes a new technology interesting is the last versions of previous models….i.e. notice the number of manufactures actually delivering to market THIS YEAR, 18x DVD Burners. At a price still more attractive than the upgrade which ever you choose and available media which can be played universally. How cleaver…
Some blogs along the way tout the New Blu-Ray compatible Duplicators. Hope these Product Managers have long term employment security. Not like the marketing genius I’m about to contact from one of our larger clients that needs a competitive quote on 25K Blu-Rays Disc to be delivered 2nd week in November. Forget the first hurtle of even getting replicated disc’s, I would be willing to bet, 25K Blu-Ray units are not even in the country. And they gave this guy a budget……..



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