5 09 2006

TDK Reveals Prototype 200MB Blu-Ray disc………………….

Let’s not say we missed out on any marketing opportunities. We’re barely getting disc into the market, last post mentioned Imation/Memorex, now TDK has the path toward 200MB Blu-Ray disc. Of course, it is fun for us to watch this machine of information explode on a product that has yet to become mature. Let alone, widely available for total appeal. THE UNITS ARE STILL SITTING ON THE SHELVES.

Some movie houses have finally agreed to release Blu-Ray formatted discs which is about time, however I still do not see or understand how a total melt-down in product roll-out builds any consumer interest.

Concept is simple enough, more space on a disc. But after 18 months of hype, crying wolf just wears thin. How many units are available? How many limited disc’s will be in the market? Why is nobody addressing burn-time and backward compatibility.

Recently some market directions came across my desk mapping out the media manufactures plans for this new media. One scenario pointed at the medical imaging sector. Which makes sense considering the storage need is far beyond anything currently available. But do you see Siemens or GE or any other imaging manufactures even mentioning this possibility? There going to change what because you have a disc….think not.

Idea for a change……manufactures are finally waking up to the idea consumables are what really make money. After-markets in other industries (Auto for one) have proven this. I’ll bet most of you have even bought enough ink-cartridges too buy another 3 or 4 printers. We understand the initial price of a product is to recoup the R&D cost. Then the price drop starts. Why, if your battling for market share, don’t you flood the market at a price point to generate sales that will increase the demand for discs. Remember YOU NEED THE DISC. And of course the same principle applies to the disc, but we’re talking market share here. Like Phillips did with the CD-Rom patent, Sony can achieve this with Blu-Ray.

It is safe to say this new media format will have a minimum of 3 years if not more of continual growth. Potentially at levels never seen before. The longer this struggle continues the shorter buyers have interest in committing to new technology. At present they give you no reason to UPGRADE other than the techno hype of better technology, take price out of the equation. But most important, if you continue to make simple DVD players with available disc’s what is the point………..burn-time, if you think burning 4.7GB took to long, what about 20GB? 4X burn speed is all were talking here……sometimes I just don’t get it….




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