27 01 2006

Toshiba Samsung Preps Blu-Ray for PCs…..

In a recent article, Laurie Sullivan of Digital Connect gets some insight on when we can expect this new technology to start surfacing.

Samsung has atleast set a plan of multi-stage deployment. And we most likely won’t see the products until mid to late spring if not later. What caught my eye is Blu-Ray will come thru the Consumer Products sector first. This solidifies the channel flow of new technology. Second, “….replace tape technology.” That has been a foregone conclusion for years. And I find it funny everytime this statement is made tape technology gets bigger.

Terabytes is the measuring stick.{1,000 gigabytes}. It will cost about $1,000 for a Terabyte of disc’s. Recent visit to a local Apple retail store, drive was less than $800.

But I give credit to the concept. Disc are more stable than tapes, just that cost thing keeps slapping me.




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24 06 2006

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