25 01 2006

DVD and CD-R together….

Just when you thought drinking was not part of the equation. How about the Dual Disc: DVD and CD-R together. This concept is taking the music industry in volumes. Video on one side, play the songs on the other. A little draw back is only the 22mm center is available for print. I can hear the Graphic people in the back ground crying foul. People buy CDs because they look cool. Now when somebody creates the clear disc player and we can watch the Lennon rebirth, I’ll submit too that argument, until then….

Manufactures are telling me they have added new lines to keep up with the demand. Of course, unlike the rest of the free world I must be living under a rock, have yet to see one. I did ask for a sample, which can get the standard response from any replicated job NO, I wanted somebody’s finished product. Still have not seen one.

But give the engineers credit for coming up with a good idea. Atleast their trying to keep fresh ideas on the table.

Now if I can convince a corporation to put their annual meeting on DVD with .PDFs of their annual reports for stock-holders, we might not be subjected to the dull books we receive from our brokers. Besides, I like too see the corporate officers explain their up-coming plans to us common mortals who were lucky enough to buy shares. Tell me you wouldn’t sell or buy a stock based on that video…




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